5 Easy Rules To Create Universal Content

Working smarter, not harder to make global-reaching content easy as cake.

This article is letter (U) of our “Automation Brand" series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Automation Brand" finds all the ways automation benefits marketing. Find links to more articles in the series below.

Your content does well… but does it perform universally well? Thanks to the connectivity of the internet, content has the potential to go global very quickly. Turns out, many of the rules for making your content go universal align very closely with just having good content. Here are five ways to make universal content a reality for your brand.

Choose Best Performing Medium

Choose Best Performing Medium

First off, you want to choose the content that will have potential, global reach. Your options range from all different types of media-based content that exist - video, images, infographs, blog posts etc. Video marketing only continues to increase in growth as more smartphones have the capability to play video and the increased access to internet connection. Maybe try a self global assessment.

Maximize SEO

Maximize SEO

Make google work for you. If you’re not ranking in the first page of your targeted keywords, something needs to change… fast! There are tons and tons of research you can do to raise your SEO rankings. But before you get lost in a maze of technical SEO how-to guides, remember that content that is of genuine quality will raise up the SEO ranks the fastest. What is quality content? Content that is original and truly brings value to the user. Trick is to find advice from the best like :) Here is another source that could help.

Make It Social Media Friendly

Make It Social Media Friendly

Making your content social media friendly will also help raise your SEO. Each platform has a different audience, so each piece of content performs best when tweaked for that platform. For example, Google Plus posts may perform best between 9am – 11am. Videos may gain a wide reach on Facebook, but not Twitter. And due to Pinterest’s considerable female audience, feminine-like content does well.

Multi-Language Options

Multi-Language Options

While English is taught and learned all over the world, different language options help your content reach more people. You may want to study your visitor analytics to check which countries are visiting your site the most. For example, you wouldn’t translate your site to Spanish if a majority of your traffic is coming from China. Maybe take a look from a global view such as in this example.

Remember Email

Remember Email

Some marketers compare your customer’s email inbox equivalent to them inviting you into their home. Don’t waste valuable time and space in your subscriber’s email inboxes. Provide them with value. Because you have their email address, you are in a unique position to find out more about you email subscribers and personalize content specifically for them.

Word Up:

Work smart, not hard definitely applies here. Marketing is no longer shoving advertisements in people’s faces. A fire-and-forget-it mentality doesn’t work either. When you look at it, a lot of these tactics are about successful content promotion – SEO, social media campaigns, email marketing. Promoting your content smartly is equally, if not more important, than content creation.

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This article is part of our “Automation Brand” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Automation Brand” finds all the ways automation benefits marketing.

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