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NOTHING Is Free...

How did this happen? Silently and behind the scenes without much fuss.

The digital economy is a never-before-seen milestone of human civilization. Naturally, majority of people are unaware of the value of their data, how their data is used, and that online corporations routinely exploit their data.

For example, the Microsoft 10 update of 2015 tacks an advertising ID onto each individual computer, syncs personal data with Microsoft servers, and Cortana (Microsoft’s digital assistant) also collects data. To top it off, Microsoft explicitly states in their privacy policy that they will share and disclose your personal information with third parties.

Facebook, the most popular social media site, operates in an identical fashion. And we’ve already seen what happened with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and recent 50 million user hack.

The name of the game is to harvest your data, unless you say otherwise. And until the implementation of GDPR, an opt-out was not possible or extremely difficult to find. Combine that with the general public unawareness of datamining, and you can see how the playing field is rigged against everyday people.


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