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NOTHING Is Free...

“You have multiple jobs, whether you know it or not. Most begin first thing in the morning, when you pick up your phone and begin generating the data that make up Silicon Valley’s most important resource. That, at least, is how we ought to think about the role of data-creation in the economy...We are all digital labourers, helping make possible the fortunes generated by firms like Google and Facebook.

Little do people know how valuable their data is actually worth. On our end it may seem like all we are doing is making a call, looking up the weather for the day, and playing some games.

In the eyes of internet firms, you are generating invaluable personal information like your interests, where you live and work, and who you contact.

The artificial intelligence these companies run on get better all the time. Appropriate to its name, AI learns. And it learns by being trained from massive amounts of human-generated data.

We are all digital laborers and our job is to feed artificial intelligence for free.

The fortunes of online behemoths like Google and Facebook are built on the backs of the digital labor of the people.

Online, “Free” translates to “In exchange for.”

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