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Focus where it matters – people and their online content.


This article is letter (W) of our “Your Words Have Worth" series that shows your words and online content have value. “Your Words Have Worth" looks at what's the hottest, latest, and greatest for the coming new year and beyond. Find links to more articles in the series below. 


You reflect, reiterate, and repeat.

After going through the re-branding process a thousand times, why do people still misunderstand your brand’s mission?

Most likely, you’re missing the secret ingredient all successful brands are built on.

But to best understand the secret ingredient, we want to understand people first.

What do people have to do with anything? Well… everything, actually.

People connect through meaningful relationships. Relationships are built on trust and connection. When people are close, it’s common to hear them say they “know each other’s story.”

As human beings, we share special a connection through stories.

Stories spark a distinct response in our brains.

A process called neural coupling activates parts in the brain that the allows listener to turn the story into their own ideas and experiences.

In an emotionally charged experience, like the climax of a story, the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine makes it easier to remember events with greater accuracy.

Mirroring is a process where listeners experience similar brain activity to each other, as well as the speaker.

An engaging story activates many parts of the brain like the motor cortex, sensory cortex, and frontal cortex. In comparison, processing facts only activates two parts of the brain (Broca’s and Wernicke’s area).

We crave a good narrative because our brains are hardwired to respond to stories.

Storytelling is the secret ingredient behind a brand’s success.

As Michael Margolis, CEO and founder of storytelling training company Get Storied says, "Story is your ultimate currency. You are trading on your story. This is why people buy your message, or buy your product, or even hire you to do a job.’”

Everyone has a story. And each and every person’s story is valuable.

It’s important for online-based businesses to remember the internet is a fundamentally human space.

What is the internet other than a collection of people’s online content – stories, words, images, videos, and activities?

Yet people are more disconnected than ever in the digital age. Ironically, technology’s instant, constant communication promised to close that lonely gap.

Unfortunately, advertisers pay top dollar to track, use, and exploit your content to better sell to you. All of this happens without our knowledge and permission.

Here at Swomi, our mission is to focus the online world where it matters – people and their online content. Your words, images, clicks all have a real marketable value. We believe you rightfully deserve the value of your content. That’s why we say, “Your words have worth.”


Word Up:

Keep telling your story no matter what. SwomiBUZZ was created to share, feature, and celebrate people's stories. We love to be a listening audience. Share your story with us!



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