Good things come to those who hustle.

Everyone’s reason for starting a side hustle varies. Some want to escape the mental drudgery of the 9-to-5. The long-term thinkers among us add to their savings along the way. Artists and creative types often pursue their art as a side hustle until their art can support them full-time. Some of us are merely excited and driven by the digital age and are excited to push the boundaries of what is possible.


What is a good reason for becoming a side hustler? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it but need that extra clarification on why you’re doing it.


As we learned from Simon Sinek says, it all starts with our “Why?.”


“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”


Mr. Sinek goes on to say in his Ted Talk that this is how leaders inspire great action. When it comes to self-motivation, we understand firsthand the importance of being an inspiration to yourself, so you may lead yourself. That’s why the team here at SwomiBUZZ felt it was so important to stress the importance of having clear intentions before embarking on a side hustle.

At it’s most basic definition, side hustle is a secondary source of income to your main job. But I don't have enough time in the day with kids, full time career (that btw doesn't pay for my dreams)


But who gets inspired by that!?

During the team’s personal experiences and meeting people, we found people’s core Why’s of starting a side hustle usually fell under one of these three categories. Are you in it for the money, your dreams, or to help others? And many people are pursue all three with one of the at the forefront.


1. Save Up For Something Side Hustle

Do you remember when you wanted something so bad, you did everything and anything until you got it? Sacrificed your weekends for that shiny necklace in the window case? Swore off dessert to show off that beach bod? Saving up for something can be as big or small, epic or humble, meaningful or silly as you want it to be.


Maybe you’re starting your side hustle to boost your savings so you can send your son to college. Or you could be saving up to start a new business. Saving up for something could even be as plain as affording a tropical vacation, paying off student debt, or a shopping spree!


At it’s core, this Why revolves around money and building a sustainable business.


2. Pursue Your Passion Content Lifestyle

Ask yourself. What if you had all the money you needed in this very moment in your life? Money is no object when you’re relentlessly living everyday for the future – you can see it so clearly, you can talk about the future as if it already happened. Just keep focused on your vision and the small details will sort themselves out along the way.


Some examples of people who start a side hustle to pursue their passion are artists, creative types, visionaries, or technologists. Sure, you still need a day job...for now. Your ultimate goal is to replace your day job with your passion.


Side Hustlers who Pursue Passion are focused on their dreams.


3. Help Others With Social Entrepreneurship

Are you the type of person that looks at the world and sees opportunities to make it better everywhere you look? That soup kitchen could help so many more people if it could afford to fill that empty space with more tables… The Cancer Relief fund can double their outreach if their fundraising was raised… What if there was an invention that could help people keep their windshields cleaner?...


In contrast to focusing on profit or personal goals, these side hustlers are deeply concerned about helping mankind first and foremost.


Word Up: A side hustle makes our lives easier and more fulfilling.

You know your why. We can help you with your how. When it comes to a side hustle that makes life easier instead of harder, our favorite go-to is AI automation - like our automated SwomiFlyer available on SwomiBUZZ. Like a steady-eddie, trusted personal assistant, automation tirelessly takes care of necessary, but fairly mindless, tasks. It’s like having someone do the heavy lifting of leveraging your Content Value for you while you concentrate doing what it is you love about your side hustle.

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