10 Best Quotes...

Why Choose Omnichannel Marketing

"An omnichannel approach puts the customer, not corporate silos, at the center of its strategy... It acknowledges that mobile and social have enabled customers to not only quickly switch between channels, but actually use channels simultaneously. For example, checking out product reviews on their mobile phone while evaluating a product on a physical retail store shelf."


On The Importance Of Relationships

Interpersonal relationships are ingrained so deeply into our social fabric that a customer will view your entire brand as a singular relationship.”


Connecting The Dots

“In the end, your goal in this consumer-first world is to step beyond just being present on multiple channels and start connecting them all together into one, thriving, multi-channel approach to inbound marketing.”


The Multichannel Experience

“A successful multi-channel strategy offers your customers a consistent quality of experience, whichever channel they use. The customer's experience in buying a product influences her perception of your brand.”

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