Online Dating - The...

Once an unusual way to meet a mate, online dating has become an everyday and normal way to meet that special someone.

That means in all likelihood, you have used or currently use some kind of online dating app or website.

While you were swiping left and scrolling through different profiles, you may have noticed some links on the application you use.

What are these links? Affiliate marketing links!

There are a lot of benefits to use online dating as a niche channel for your affiliate marketing.

1. High demand and low supply: The online dating niche has a high demand for affiliates to promote their sites.

2. Untapped niche: The market is not already saturated with affiliate marketers. Even the most popular dating sites struggle to get more affiliate marketers.

3. More cost effective: The broad range of demographics using online dating makes it more cost effective than other niches

4. Flexibility: choose where and how you promote your content (banner ads, external links, blog posting, and social media engagement)

5. High Commissions: compared to other products/ services, dating sites offer larger incentives

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