Why You have more power on the internet than you ever thought possible.

Content Makes The World Wide Web Go ‘Round


Content goes beyond images, videos, and text. It’s also information about you - your social interactions, sites you visit, what you click on.

Everything you do online comes together to create your digital identity. And your digital identity is one of the most valuable things on the internet.


Who Does Content Belong To?


When content marketing with small magazine publications, content marketing was made FOR people.

Now, Content Marketing is being created BY people.

Before, companies listened to what an audience found valuable.

Now, the audience tells brands directly what they want.

Before, companies interrupted with advertisements.

Now, companies create content that will provide real value to people’s lives.

People have become savvy to when they’re are being marketed to in today’s over-saturated world.

The internet has broken a lot of boundaries and turned many things on its head.

So, who owns all this content?



Who is receiving the benefits of your valuable digital footprint?

Do you still own the copyright on the vacation photos you post to Facebook? Yes, you do. But by transferring them to Facebook’s servers, or indeed any other social network or platform, you give away a license to reuse those pictures for various purposes, and you won’t get a dime back.

It’s why data breaches at major companies are such a big deal. We are led to believe these online companies have the user’s best interest at heart.

When, in actuality, our information is avwith no abandon.

A User-Centric Future: Content for the People, By the People



Which is why Swomi focuses so much on the Content Lifestyle - content marketing’s future is moving towards a holistic, people-oriented content marketing approach.

And people don’t think or make decisions as linearly as the traditional buyers journey.

Marketers are starting to figure out that behind all those numbers of data, analytics of content, and computer screens, are actual people.

User-generated Content is becoming more and more important.

And user-generated Content moves beyond Influencer marketing.

User-generated content provides the authentic voice and genuine experience the online world craves.


Word Up:

People are beginning to demand value in exchange for the valuable time and attention they give to Content they interact with online.

We living at the cusp of the old and new. Power has just begun to lean into the user’s favor, where it rightfully belongs.

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