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Surprising Places Where...

Where do you find the greatest, most valuable content? In the hands, hearts, and minds of everyday people.

User-generated content makes and creates the internet.

So much content scrolls past your eyes every second, it’s easy to forget that every image, meme, video, and quote you see online was created by a human being.

Even now that artificial intelligence can create content, like generating believable photographic images, personally curated data (data that is the direct representation of a person’s wishes and desires) is what fuels and drives billion-dollar online businesses.

Now that you know you have the power within you, here are six simple ways to channel your content creator abilities, courtesy of Bill Pescosolido on Online Wealth Partner.

1. Focus on the Intro

The goal of your intro is to capture your audience’s interest enough to make them want to read the rest of the article. Make your introduction short, punchy and curiosity inducing.

2. Write better headlines

Research shows an overwhelming amount of people only read headlines. Entice readers with your headline and you’ve got them hook, line, and sinker.

3. Open loops

You may better know open loops as cliffhangers. Basically, an open loop tells the reader, “in just a second you’re going to learn something that you want to learn… so keep paying attention.”

4. Inside jokes

If you’re a good marketer, then you know your audience very well. So you know what interests them and what they find funny. Show you’re an insider and drop an inside joke or reference.

5. Breaking up the text

Giant blocks of text are big and intimidating. Smaller chunks of text are much easier on the eyes and friendlier on the attention span.

6. Focus on the Close

To provide a good closer to your article, ask readers to add their two cents in the comments below or briefly summarize what your reader just learned.

Who creates the great content? You!

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