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Everything You Wanted...

Content has the most value when put into context.

With the sheer amount of content created everyday, people don’t need more to consume. They need trusted influencers and personalized systems that make sense of what already exists.

Context helps make sense of what is going on in the world, making information relevant to the user, and, thus, making content valuable.

Methods for providing context include curation, storytelling, empathy, and connection.

In contrast, clickbait is a whole category of sub-par content solely created to push advertisements on users that offer little to no value. It gets the name by using over-exaggerate headlines to “bait” users to “click” the content.

Above all, your content has the most value when content belongs to the user. Right now, your content belongs to the platforms your content is hosted on.

Our sole mission at Swomi is to provide the technology that will empower every day people and receive the value of their online content.

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