The Content Lifestyle just got an upgrade.

Automated artificial intelligence busily verifies facts. A billion eyes watch a new product launch through live stream. No one’s name is ever forgotten in this vast, virtual space. Hello Martha. Congratulations David! Sammy, did you know...?

Technological trends rule the name of the game, and mega-corporations run the show with hoards of data-mined user content. At the expense of the everyday person’s digital rights and online privacy, there is never ending entertainment, distraction, and, of course, convenience.

All of it available at the flick of a finger on an LED screen. A voice’s murmur directed towards an ever-aware smart voice assistant. Our memories intertwined between social media posts.

Always connected. A digital footprint outrunning its Content Creator.

Welcome to your everyday life.

Year 2018.

So much has advanced around us, and we have evolved right alongside with it. Rarely do we give it a second-thought how much our way of life is deeply affected and formed by digital trends. Yet everything we just touched on, has been in existence and living with us for quite a while.


In fact, trends like Content Marketing, Personalization, Automation through machine-learning and artificial intelligence, and livestreaming are only growing stronger.

Let’s take the jump, look at what we’ve been living with, how they will become an increasingly larger part of our lives, and how savvy Content Creators like ourselves can get to know our 4 digital friends even better.

1. Virtual and Augment Reality

The newest kids on the block, VR and AR are in the public eye but still a bit standoffish. That’s because technology to replicate a Virtual Experience is still costly, considering the price of equipment and distributing that en masse. Augmented Reality fairs better with 53% of users optimistic about its future.

2. Personalization

The sheer volumes of Content force content creators to get down and personal. With content creators having more choice than ever, a flag with an individual user’s name waving in the digital landscape is like salvation. An individual's online experience demands to be curated and customized.

3. Artificial Intelligence Automation

Why work hard when you can not work at all and just automate that boring task instead? Automation and Artificial Intelligence work hand in hand. One of the very cool handy dandy functions automation can accomplish is provide curated, automated content to curious leads.

“An example of smart content would be leveraging AI to identify what consumers want, what consumers are organically searching for, and where consumers are searching.”

4. LiveStreaming

Social media platforms such as FB, Snapchat, and Youtube provide such easy-to-use livestreaming that live video is seeing a huge boom. In just 2017 alone, video accounted for close to 74% of internet usage. What did everyone spend their time watching? Everything and anything from tutorials, unveilings, product launches, events, and more. Throw anything live and people will love the genuine, real experience of livestreaming.

Word Up:

The future is Content and the Future is here. VR, AR, Personalization, AI Automation, and livestreaming are merely channels for delivering the ultimate online value – Content.

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