Reflecting and celebrating the special relationship with our Dads.

It’s Father’s Day!



Shout out to all the Great/ Cool/ Supportive Dads out there (Woot, Woot!)

Everyone has a Dad. And we want to give them the gratitude for giving us life and showing us how to walk with pride, take responsibility for our lives, and support us along the way.

How do you celebrate Fathers Day? Quality dad time? A big party with the whole family?

All Dads have their special skills – grilling a mean chili burger, fine tuning a car engine, or being a chess master wizard.

In a way, being a Dad is a lot like being a Digital Content Creator.

Digital Content Creators choose to live adventurous lives as entrepreneurs, influencers, and creative types.

We create, share, and curate our Content. We watch our Content grow with shares, likes, and traffic.

Oh Content, they grow up so fast.

And hey, maybe you're a Dad AND a Content Creator. You are a RockStar!


As a Dad and/or Content Creator, along your Content Journey you have most likely learned:

  • It’s not all about you: listening to your audience is how you will best serve them


  • You transition from being selfish to selfless: create and curate Content you know will provide value and uphold yourself to that standard


  • Your kids (reader Audience) watch and listen to every thing you do and say (in a good way): your online reputation and credibility is one of your greatest values


  • Is at the same time both the greatest and scariest accomplishment you have ever achieved (or ever will achieve) …by far!

You do all of this to provide something of value to people, whether they are your children or big, grown-up kids on the internet.

This is a dedication to all the Dads out there.


                                                                    Happy Fathers Day








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