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Optimization Benefits And...

The sole reason to optimize is to gain leverage. To leverage means to be in a positional advantage. Content marketing optimization involves strategically positioning your content to effortlessly gain more views, shares, and conversions.

In their eBook, Content Optimization, the content delivery company Content Rules outlines the benefits of content optimization:

  • Content creation becomes efficient and streamlined as possible
  • Translating content is more accurate, faster, and less expensive
  • Content is easier to locate, read, and understand
  • Enables delivering the right content, people, device, and language
  • Spend less time writing
  • Create better quality content in all languages
  • Spend less money
  • Get content to market faster
  • Fewer technical support calls
  • Have happier customers

One of the main keys behind achieving all these benefits is structure. In their eBook, they emphasize the importance of setting up a content structure. Structure makes it easy to write content, find content, store, and makes content more flexible.

  • Make optimization work for you by practicing the 80/20 rule. A common rule of thumb for how to divide your time and efforts, the 80/20 rule stands for several different things.
  • In the digital marketing context, 20 percent of your content generates 80 percent of your results
  • Spend 80 percent of your focus on content creation and 20 percent on content promotion

Today, the digital landscape has shifted to the point where 80 percent of your focus is on content promotion and 20 percent of your time is spent on content creation.

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