IoT? More Like...

The Digital Lifestyle can also be worn by you. Wearable gadgets, like FitBit bands or Apple watches, translate your activity into data and content. The essence of the Internet of Things is its ability to use sensor information about things. How many BPM’s is your heart rate? How many steps did you take today? In contrast, the internet relies on digital technology to separate information from things.

Beyond fun consumer gadgets, wearables can also provide extremely helpful and beneficial medical applications. For example, {ijseo_redirect id=345} can be used for “out-patient care by healthcare providers, letting them get ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture, fall detection, and activity readings remotely.” Another IoT enabled device, the Lively system, can send out an alert if the wearer needs assistance. It can also provide medication reminders and send out alerts for things like missed meals or decrease physical activity. All this translates into more seniors able to live independent lives without assisted care.


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