The Surprising Secret...

Everyone creates content… whether you know it or not. Every time you do anything that has to do with internet connection, you are creating content.

Sent out a tweet? That’s text-based content.

Use the GPS on your smartphone to give you directions while you drive? That’s geolocation content.

Watch a video on YouTube? That creates content in the form of valuable viewing analytics.

Generally, content can be viewed in two categories. First, there’s media-based content. Media-based content simulates traditional forms of content online. Images are digitally updated photographs. Videos emulate film. Blog posts are like updated news articles. Ezines (like the one you are reading right now) replace glossy magazines.

Second, there’s activity-based content. Activity-based content is more elusive and specific to the online world. Just by scrolling through a page, or like we showed above, using your GPS and watching a video creates content. This is content that’s created as a byproduct of your online activity. Your digital footprint, if you will.

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