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Do You Have...

You’re on your phone right now. We caught you red-handed! Just kidding. Being on your phone doesn’t make you a phone-addict the same way having one drink doesn’t make you an alcoholic. It’s all about context. How long have you been on your phone today? Just for this article? An hour? Did you forget and lose track of time?

Broken Bone or Broken Phone? Between breaking a bone and breaking your phone, which do you choose? If you’re like 46% of participants in a study about phone addiction, you would rather have a broken bone than a broken phone. And for the rest of you that chose a broken phone, how quick was your decision. The remaining 54% of the study’s participants agonized over choosing a broken phone over a broken bone.

Do you treat the “Internet as “the world’s largest slot machine?” The reason so many of us are addicted to our phones is the same reason gamblers get addicted to slot machines. A “small burst of pleasure chemicals in our brains” leads us to continue to seek excitement and anticipation that addictive behaviors give us.

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