What we keep in our mind is more important than what’s in our suitcase.

It’s one of those unavoidable things – packing for your trip. You may be thinking about what items to pack. But the team here at SwomiBUZZ knows it’s best to leave behind self-limiting beliefs, old habits, and worn-out worldviews from the limited “carry-on space” of our minds.

New places. New faces. Embarking on your digital nomad adventure is the best time to grow better as a person. And to grow, as the old saying goes, it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Below we’re sharing the three key mindset shifts that have worked the best for us when living the Content Lifestyle.

Prepare For Change

Prepare For Change

Does this get in the way?

Human brains in general (no need to take this personally) innately throw logic out the window when faced with change. Human nature expects certain things to stay the same. Because your body can’t tell the difference between “positive” (going on a Digital Nomad adventure) or “negative” (forgetting your passport in a taxi) events, both positive and negative events receive a stress response. The primal part of us sees change as threatening or frightening.

For example:

It’s a normal day going to work. But wait a minute, you stumble on construction that blocks your normal route.

“When we run into a roadblock, suddenly information we trusted has broken down. Where does the other road lead? How long will it take? Is it dangerous? What we don't know tends to scare us, and change creates a lot of things we don't know. As a result, we tend to act pretty irrationally to try and prevent change, often without realizing it, and make our lives unnecessarily problematic”.

How to get over it:

Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Oh boy, do we know this phrase way to well. The more uncomfortable situations you put yourself in, the more you can train your mind to freak out less with unknown and unpredictable changes. At the same time, allow yourself to fully experience your feelings when confronted with change. Just get it out of your system. Then look for the silver lining.


Content Value - Make Money And Time Work For YOU

Make Money And Time Work For YOU

How about this?

Society... maaan. Just kidding. But not really. Majority of us have gone to school where we learned how to follow directions, keep to a schedule, and play well with others. All perfectly helpful, productive skills. Inadvertently, school teaches us to do one thing. Be rewarded for that one thing. Repeat. Do one thing. Be rewarded for that one thing. Repeat… You get it.

For example:

True entrepreneurs aim to turn $1 into $5. The goal is to stop trading your time for money. Instead, make your time and money work for you. Tim Ferris explains this concept in his groundbreaking book “The 4-Hour Work Week.”

“If Tim’s life was designed around one rule, it would be the 80/20 rule or Pareto principle. Most people measure productivity by the time spent working, but that’s a bad indicator, because we waste so much time at work.

Tim suggests to spend your time effectively: on the 20% of things that get you 80% of the results, and not vice versa”.

How to get over it:

Getting into this mindset will really break you free from the old paradigms of how we “should” be living and working. Leveraging your time, money, and value for your content can take you from surviving to thriving. Learn the processes used by those who have been successful before you (like Tim Ferris) and implement them yourself. Or use an automation service to leverage the value of your content, like Swomi Flyers, which are automated ads that you can create for yourself on SwomiBUZZ.

Be an Expert in your Field

Be an Expert in your Field

Could this be an issue?

So many times, we feel we need the right job experience or an entire wall of degrees to feel qualified enough to speak as an expert. But being trusted as an expert authority in your respective niche will skyrocket you to success.

For example:

You live, eat, and breathe fashion ever since you could get your hands on a glossy editorial. You played dress-up ever since you could walk. You can name your favorite designer’s collections by heart. So when someone asks your opinion on what’s more on trend, this skirt or that blouse, why do you find yourself bashfully shrugging your shoulders?

How To Get Over It:

Getting a blog is one of the most effective thing you can do to position yourself as an expert authority. And gives yourself a confidence boost at the same time!

“You consistently post articles on them [blogs] about topics in your niche. You can solve problems people have in your niche, demonstrate your expertise through “how to’s”, etc.

A blog allows you to put your expertise in the form of content and share it with the world to give them a small sample of your skills.

It is by far one of the best ways to establish your brand as an expert”.

And while you’re traveling, waiting for that plane or sitting in the backseat of a taxi in traffic, you’re bound to have time to get your passion out of your head and into a future blog post. Blogs are also one of the top ways Digital Nomads monetize and leverage their content. Remember, we’re all an expert in something!

Word Up:

Your beliefs become your thoughts, our thoughts become our words, and our words become our actions. Choose what to carry in your mindset wisely.

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