Video Content’s edge over text and images shows no signs of slowing down.


Video Content is everywhere – at the office lunch room, at restaurants with friends, unwinding on a couch. All thanks to mobile video.


Video Content is, in fact, older than most people realize. You can say the first medium for video content was television.

Back in those days, popular video content was the sitcom or soap opera.

With more and more videos watched in 2018 on mobile, what type of Video Content are users demanding?

Turns out, live video streaming captures everyone’s attention, front and center

Live Streaming Is The Future

Statistics show at least 13% of all video content comes from live video streaming.

Live videos work in the favor of both brands and content consumers.

First of all, consumers love to see the “physical evidence” of live video. If you can’t be there in person, live video streaming is a close runner up.

Who doesn’t love the authenticity and refreshing honesty of being “there” for a new product launch or sports game? And because live videos enable user participation, viewers can really feel like they are there.

The grainy quality of memes and amateur Youtube videos have become associated with a more genuine experience.

That’s no coincidence, live videos are economical for brands or everyday content creators because they require little production resources.

With advancements in technology, mobile phone cameras compete with small, handheld consumer cameras. This further eliminates the need for high production equipment and costs. Thanks to that, the consumers who demand live video content, are also the creators of live video content.

Mostly everyone has taken a short video and thrown it up on social for kicks.

But who are the Content Creators regularly streaming live video content?

Digital Nomads



These wandering Content Creators travel light and mobile. How to best record and share their mountain-climbing, city-stomping, and everywhere-in-between travels? A GoPRO with mobile app livestreaming will keep Digital Nomads connected and on-the-go.


Side Hustle



Side Hustlers squeeze content creation into every nook and cranny of their day in between their day job and passion. We like GaryV’s advice about Content Creation – document, don’t create. Why put more energy and effort into the act of “making” when content is everywhere and always happening. Side Hustlers of the World, keep your cameras ready, set, action!





Many Youtube Vloggers heavily overlap with Influencers. These are the heavy hitters of the bunch. Video Content is a vlogger’s bread and butter. We suggest investing in LED lighting for fashion bloggers and a quality microphone with a fuzzy filter (many Vloggers have the gift of gab). But of course, it’s all up to your Vlogging style if that raw “livestreaming” feel even for your uploaded posts.


Word Up:

Video marketing is here to stay. And it's growing. What do you think? Do you already use video in your content marketing strategy? How will livestreaming fit into your brand's "Why?" Check out our videos here on SwomiBUZZ for some inspiration!


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