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Trust Makes The...

False information... online privacy threats… online users have their radars on high alert at all times. Everything they see online has a “catch” until proven otherwise.

In this cyber world of shadows and mirrors, a source that can build genuine relationships through unbiased information and trustworthy dialogue is invaluable. And this is exactly the stance behind Trust-based marketing.

Trust-based marketing focuses on consumer advocacy to build lifelong customer value. The best way to do that is be honest, open, and upfront about the good and bad of your product.

What does that look like? Well, it looks a lot like one of the number one rules for content marketing. Which is to always provide high quality, unbiased content to your audience that adds real value to their lives. Strategies and tactics are open and honest communication.

Companies who base their business on trust see higher customer retention and more stable revenue streams.

Take Domino’s, for example, when a video went viral of a Domino’s employee’s unsanitary food handling in 2009. So what did Domino’s do? They upfront told everyone how bad they were and their pizza tasted like cardboard. After that, they improved their brand and the taste of their pizza. And it worked. The once struggling company is now worth $9 billion… and makes great pizza, too!

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