Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. This clear suitcase is as transparent as our digital lives.





Luxury luggage brand Rimowa and designer Virgil Abloh collaborated to bring us a completely transparent suitcase. The balk-worthy shock factor of the suitcase ruffles the internet’s feathers. We’re here to break down why.


Is it practical?

Sure, you can bypass airport x-ray security and get to your flight faster. No longer will security do a salad toss up with your belongings. With nowhere to hide, owners of the ghost-like luggage will be extremely self-conscious of what they pack and how. Though it’s unlikely the Mr. Practical demographic overlaps with those seeking shock and unconventionality.


Or does it make you a bit of a show-off?

Let’s just say… practicality is not what first comes to mind with the transparent suitcase. The transparency is very in tune with our constant camera-ready society. If you buy something and there is no Instagram selfie to go with it, does it really exist? It is easy to imagine a Digital Influencer strut aboard her plane to Bali as her sponsored travel swag showcases behind the suitcase’s clear armor.


How about as a slick marketing technique?

Either way, this carry-on demands a reaction out of you. Because it pushes an emotional hot spot, the transparent luggage counts as shareable content. Once you see this outrageous suitcase, you feel compelled to share it. When this luggage drops June 25, very few sales are actually projected. Rather than sales, the ultimate goal of the luggage’s existence is to increase brand awareness, desirability, and online buzz for Rimowa.


screenshot: Rimowa

A deep statement about privacy and surveillance?

As far as conversation starters at this weekend go, the Rimowa suitcase will certainly make its way into the mix. No doubt the clear suitcase blurs the lines between public and private, what is appropriate to share, and when. It’s a conversation eerily similar to how social media has infiltrated our lives.


A Travel Lifestyle Influencer’s best friend?

Maybe the suitcase is a celebration. Many travel bloggers, digital nomads, and resort-go’ers travel and seek destinations for a living. Plus, it’s about the journey. So why not go in style and let the world see you while you’re at it? The shareable content luggage could very much show how much we want to share our lives with each other and the natural curiosity we have have about other human beings.


Is the Rimowa x Off-White suitcase all of these things? Or none of these? Will you be buying one for yourself or know someone who will?


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