Can't We All...

Efficiency is only the beginning of how automation will shape the future. Similar to the industrial revolution, 90% of agriculture workers lost their jobs to automation. Despite all the lost agricultural jobs, this has been seen as one of the most prosperous times in history.

A similar phase is happening as we shift from a knowledge economy to a social economy. Said another way, before we used to value cognitive skills - knowing a lot of information and how to implement it.

Now we value social skills – traits such as common sense, general intelligence, flexibility, creativity, and interpersonal skills like emotional intelligence and empathy.

When all the world’s information is available within seconds, what is the value of traditional “intelligence” such as memorizing facts?

What we need today are creative ways to connect all that information. Skills that enhance collaboration between machines and humans are in huge demand. People will always work with other people. Machines can never understand empathy or share a common human experience.

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