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4 Online Life...

Downright ugly stuff can happen online sometimes like identity theft. Along with your online reputation, identitySo theft and card fraud use can potentially destroy your financial reputation too. Here is the identity theft {ijseo_redirect id=401}:

It happened to me several years ago and while it was troubling, it was not something that had long-term implications.

Someone started to access my checking account to pay small bills. Because I was paying everything online, I really didn't notice it for many months -- it was nothing major at all. Then the person who had stolen my cash card got greedy and started to empty my account several hundred dollars at a time.

I went to my bank, closed the account, and let them deal with the fraud. Then I froze all of my credit cards, something I should have done earlier, and it just went away. Because I had done a police report of the identity theft, the freezing of my credit cards -- means nobody can apply for credit in my name -- was free.

Getting your identity stolen changes your life. I no longer bank online even though I live most of my life online. I no longer pay my bills online despite the fact that I did that for years and years. I never use my debit card to pay for anything; credit cards have protections debit cards clearly lack. I recognize that the internet is more dangerous than most of the worst neighborhoods in my city. And I avoid it for financial transactions except when I can't.

I have a friend whose identity theft got much more serious than mine and he suffered immeasurably when his credit rating plunged and liens started to show up on his credit reports. It's not a nice place out there.


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