It’s never too late to start protecting yourself.


Without Privacy, Who Are We?

Open books? Would we consider ourselves the same person as we do now?

Which part of ourselves are for only ourselves, and which parts do we share with the world?

At its most basic, privacy simply helps protect the fundamental necessities in life – our homes, our finances, our identity, our families. If the information about these aspects of our lives were out in the open, well… it would not be good news.

Identity thieves could use your identity as cover-up for their illegal activities, throwing you under the bus. The consequences could be as common as an unauthorized purchase on your credit card.

We Can All Agree Nothing Positive Comes From Stolen Personal Information

But little did you know, our personal information is being compromised everyday through an activity we willingly, even enjoy, doing everyday – using the trends disrupt.

In addition to the privacy and content – pictures you post, emails you write, more subtle things like information you fill into forms, what you search for, and websites you visit also make up your online identity.

“When you are online, you provide information about yourself almost every step of the way. Often this information is like a puzzle with pieces that need to be connected before the full picture is revealed. Information you provide to one person or company may be combined with information you have provided to another person or company to complete the puzzle. This information can be collected through your browser while visiting websites or by the mobile apps that you use on your phone.”

Never before in history has a person’s identity been so fluid, abstract, and monetized. Yes, you heard that right. The reason advertising companies pour so much time and effort into collecting your content is because your personal information has a real marketable value.

A common misconception believes that when you use the internet once, you’re online privacy is forever tainted. Not true.

Every time you go online, you are adding another puzzle piece to your digital profile. Using the internet more and more just completes that puzzle for online advertising tracking systems. So once you put the proper security in place, you are helping leave holes in that puzzle thus protecting your privacy.


Word Up:

Sure there is information about you is out there already, but don’t let that deter you from taking further steps towards your protection. It’s never too late.


sources: privacyrights

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