Human Connection In...

Time after time, headlines seem to repeat the same theme - being online makes us sadder while connecting with other human beings is the secret to a fulfilling life. How can people maintain meaningful connection with one another given the negative reputation of online socializing? How can the digital world co-exist with people’s natural inclination to be around other people? Technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, cannot replace a quality face-to-face interactive exchange between two people. Rather the best use of technology is to enhance, not replace, human connection. For example, Marc Rey describes his personal experience of using technology in the beauty industry:

"We recently acquired MatchCo, a Palo Alto, Calif. startup that developed a mobile app enabling consumers to scan their skin tone to identify and create a personalized foundation, and then order the customized blend. Rather than diminish the unique qualities inherent in every person, like technology sometimes does, in this case, AI actually intensifies the emotional relationship with the customer."

In this example, AI does what it does best, task-based services. Leaving people to do what they enjoy doing best, connecting with others!

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