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Time To Declutter...

It’s infinitely easy to download free apps, games, and programs. But did you know you are actually paying a price for “Free” things?

Here’s a rule of thumb for the digital world - “Free” translates to “in-exchange-for.” And you are more likely than not exchanging your “Free” online services for your online content. Your Facebook account is “Free.” What are you exchanging? Images you upload, messages you send, information about your likes/ dislikes/ friends. Anything you do on Facebook, stays on Facebook, belongs to Facebook. It’s very creepy when you really think about it.

And that’s not to single out Facebook or anything. It’s just the example here. If an online service is free, you can be pretty darn sure they are making their money from selling your content to advertisers. How do you think Google became one of the most profitable businesses in the world?

By decluttering the amount of apps, programs, and online services you use, you limit the number of places your information can leak from.

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