Flashy Instagram Influencer lifestyles, fueled by sponsorships, have replaced its more authentic older sister, lifestyle blogging.

Instagrammers can rise to fame faster, but may go stone cold with one switch to Instagram’s monetization algorithm.

“However, there’s a risk in relying solely on a single platform. Indeed, while Instagram may be at the crux of influencer commerce right now, social media platforms always have the power to flip an algorithmic switch, drastically affecting the way creators monetize their content overnight. Publishers have had a well-documented struggle with Facebook’s recent algorithm changes, while one of YouTube’s biggest stars, Casey Neistat, admitted recently that it’s a lot hard to make money on YouTube if you’re just starting now thanks to its monetization structure.”


Key Takeaways:

  • Bloggers of the past (Bloggers 1.0) have moved onto become the Instagrammers of today
  • Bloggers 2.0 are Influencers and Social Media figures who rose to fame without ever needing to blog. They don’t see the need to put in the extra work for a stand-alone site when a social media platform proves them all the traffic, exposure, and sponsorship they desire.
  • Advertisers pay big bucks to the most popular Influencers, but one flip to Instagram’s algorithm and, just overnight, the successful will be struggling.




Users today need and want a platform that provides the security of owning their own domain (Blogging 1.0) and the accelerated traffic and exposure of Blogging 2.0 (Social Media platforms).

The problem is there is no alternative. People flock to Social Media because they are the only channels available to gain value from their content.

Whether they know it consciously or not, people realize their content has major value (it’s no coincidence some sponsored posts can be worth thousands). It’s the smart ones who have been able to leverage the value of their online content, like Instagram Influencers.

Platforms today are focused on what they can take from the user, as we all experienced in recent history-making GDPR laws.

What the world today needs is a platform that focuses on giving value to the user.


Word Up:

And this is the exact question that launched our beginnings here at Swomi – How can people gain value from the online content that is rightfully theirs?

Everything we do here is to answer that question and bring value back to the people.

Lifestyle blogging is alive and well.

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