Businesses are finding out how to reorganize and rebrand.

If you think you’re separate from anything to do with Content, you may be surprised to learn your life is deeply intertwined with the digital world.

In actuality, your life has been reorganized to function within the digital realm. And it all happened while people didn’t notice, were too distracted by the shiny novelty of online instant messaging, or simply had no idea it was happening.

“It’s still a complete frustration of mine that “digital” is still something you tag onto the beginning of a word. We all have phones. Therefore, we all are digital” - Stacey Tang, Columbia Records U.K.

People consume content everywhere and anywhere.

You’re consuming content when sharing vacation pictures with friends. When you’re looking up directions to your sister’s new apartment – that’s Content consumption. And yes, even when you’re scrolling your social media while awkwardly pretending you’re waiting for someone at a party.

Consuming content also simultaneously creates content.

You consume content in the form of videos, texts, images, quizzes, searches, and more.

Your online actions create content in another form – data, analytics, metrics, consumer profiles.

Advertising Industries use, track, and monetize your data. Why? To dangle advertisements in front of you based on your previous buying history that entices you to buy more.

Which all sounds fair, good, and convenient. Until you realize all your content is being taken without your permission, all your online content makes up your digital identity, and you should rightfully be the one benefiting from your content.


Data is Money

Governments realize this fact. Which is why the California Privacy Bill and GDPR was just passed. Both protect the privacy and rights of online users, giving the people an unprecedented amount of power over their data.

At this point in history, we are sitting on a delicate tipping point. Advertising industries hold an insane amount of online power and people are only just beginning to understand their rights.

Brands are well aware of how much power users have. Yes, people consume content everywhere and anywhere. But people choose what content to consume and when.

Brands defer to what people want to interact with new forms of advertising like content marketing.

One tactic is to rebrand and collaborate with Influencers. Influencers have made Content Creation their profession – they create content and distribute that content to audiences. Influencers are so successful because they personally created these audiences.

Word Up:

The breakneck speed of Content’s evolution and increasingly savvy users may be just too much for large Advertising industries to keep up with. It’s only a matter of time before people are able to benefit from their content, which has been rightfully theirs to begin with. A fact justified by California State and the European Union’s decisions to pass historic privacy laws.

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