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4 Online Life...

The best stories are of positive human connection whether that be online or offline. Here is a story from {ijseo_redirect id=398} about two of the most important friends in her life:

I met two of the best women friends I’ve ever had. They’re sisters <3 from Germany. I met the eldest sister on DeviantArt where we bonded through Resident Evil fanart (we’re both huge Wesker fans). We began to talk quite extensively and then became friends on Facebook. Other aspects of our lives began to intertwine and our families became friends with each other as well. Then I met the younger sister and became close with her. I have plans to go visit them in a few months if everything goes okay. Prior to meeting them, it seemed impossible for me to make friends with other women and I was going through a pretty terrible depression. We’ve helped each other through a lot of crap and we’ve even kept vigil with each other when one of us is really sick. I don’t feel as if they’re all the way across the world even though they are.


Here is a story from {ijseo_redirect id=399} featuring a story of someone wanting to thank the anonymous strangers who saved their life:

To the 3 surfers who saved my life at Linda Mar 7/13 4 pm
I don't know who you are or how to locate you, but you literally saved my life. I want to thank you.

The last thing I recall is paddling for a wave (at Crespi) and the next thing I remember is laying on a stretcher on the beach looking up at EMTs and you guys in wetsuits. I was barely conscious and the ambulance took me to General Hospital's trauma unit in SF and I was able to go home by 8 pm after x-rays and a CAT scan. I have a concussion but am glad to be alive. I want you to know that I'm OK. My board made it home unscathed. The wetsuit they had to cut off me was old and threadbare. I left a pile of sand in the hospital bed.

The EMT told the nurse that I threw up a bucket of water after you dragged me out of the water (I don't remember), which tells me that you saved me from drowning. I have rescued people stuck in a rip twice, but when we got to shore they were fine, just shaken. What you three guys did for a stranger and fellow surfer (me) was heroic and you should be insanely proud.

As soon as this headache goes away I hope to see you in the lineup. I usually ride a 9'0 Robert August (white with yellow and blue stripes) and Linda Mar has been my home break for the past 19 years. I would love to thank you in person, and even though I won't be able to give you a proper Game of Thrones you-saved-my-life-thank-you, I am indebted to you all.

My children and my partner thank you, my family and friends thank you, and surfers everywhere will silently thank you every time I share this story.

Stay Stoked!

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