The relationship between Marketer and Customer has gone to the next level.


Out with the old and in with the new.

We’re talking Marketing vs. Content Marketing here, folks.

Or we can see it as an evolution alongside technological advances and social, cultural mindset shifts.

The next stage in that evolution happens to be where we are today... Content Marketing.


But wait, what exactly is trying to survive? Why evolve?

According to Wikipedia, "Marketing is used to create, keep, and satisfy the customer."

Three things are happening here:

  1. Engage customers
  2. Make customers happy
  3. Retain customers

The one-sided Marketing shout-fest falls on deaf ears.

Everyday people have become savvy to advertising formulas and the whiff of a cheesy, sales-pitch reeks a mile away.



Simply put, insincere Marketing tactics of old don’t work anymore.

Enter Content Marketing - a method of building relationships and gaining the trust of customers through selflessly providing value.

In the words of GaryV, "Give value, give value, give value, give value. Then ask for business."

Think of your audience first in everything you do.

Remember that and you’re closer to being a formidable Content Marketer than you were 5 minutes ago.

Everyone’s Doing It



The good?

More Content Marketers means more value being given to the people than ever before.

We see Content Marketing as a method for creating reciprocal relationships where consumer and brand engage in a civil, two-sided conversation.

The ugly?

An over-saturation of valuable Content means people simply cannot keep up with every eBook, blog post, and video that is out there (even if they wanted to).


Listen to what your audience wants. Then give them a lot of what they want. 


The result?

Wikipedia’s definition of Content Marketing needs a slight tweak.

Here’s the SwomiBuzz style edit -

Marketing is used to

  1. Gain the attention of Customers
  2. Engage customers
  3. Make customers happy
  4. Retain customers


This is a crucial step Wikipedia’s definition misses."The Attention Economy, unless companies learn to effectively capture, manage, and keep it--both internally and out in the marketplace--they'll fall hopelessly behind."

If you don’t have the attention of your audience, the other steps won’t even be seen.

And your audience’s attention must be kept continuously.

Again, it goes back to listening.

Listen to what your audience wants. Then give them a lot of what they want.

A win-win for Marketers and Customers.


Word Up:

We're glad to be on the Content Marketing side. By focusing on customer needs and wants, brands and people benefit. But it's a double-edged sword too. Marketers must attract attention in a distracted world and consumers prioritize the most valuable Content.





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