When There Was A 24 Hour Countdown To California Data Law

How Is The Sunshine State Being Reorganized?

California. La-La Land of dreams, innovation state with digital license plates, sunshine for days, and… Citizens that may soon have unprecedented control over their data!?

Yes, you heard that right. California wants the citizen/content relationship reorganized.

"Your data and content fetches a pretty penny when sold to the advertising industry..." 

Lawmakers in California decided enough was enough and introduced a new Privacy Bill to the State legislature that would hold Silicon Valley to account for uncontrolled exploitation of users' data. Californians would be drenched in a slew of new digital rights rivaling GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe. Now you can actually fend off the entire invasive advertising industry and take back our online privacy.

 “...the bill would allow California residents to find out what information businesses and data brokers collect about them, where that information comes from, and how it's shared. It would give people the power to ask for their data to be deleted and to order businesses to stop selling their personal information. It places limits on selling data on users younger than 16 years of age, and prohibits businesses from denying service to users for exercising their rights under the bill”.

For All “Non-Californians”… Why Is The Privacy Bill A Big Deal?

California is setting the precedent for how online users should actually be treated and how a person’s online privacy should be upheld. Right now, the people are truly disempowered.

A hard fact and dangerous to ignore - Your online life has actual repercussions in your real life.

Applying for college? Better make sure you’re profile pictures are professional-ready.

Sent that resume for a new job? Last night’s Instagram pic is only a few finger-clicks away from a potential future employer.

Went on a date with an attractive human? You’re getting Google’d, for sure.

Europe is already ahead of the curve with their recent passing of GDPR regulations. That entire continent is rebranded and ready to go.

This Is Why The Advertising Industry Is Freaking Out About A Reorganized California

Tech companies thrive from sucking the living data-blood out of everyday people visiting internet-land. Unfortunately, that’s not even a hyperbole. Apologies on behalf of reality.

It’s actually how you can access so much fun, entertaining content for “Free.” Online providers or websites entice you with “Free” sign-ups, offers, and access to their slick, oh-so-appealing services.

It can be really hard to resist even for the most “enlightened” of us. (We’re looking at you, Netflix).

In actuality, their system is built to track, monitor, and otherwise do some unsavory datamining. Your Content is very valuable to the advertising industry.

 Your data and content fetches a pretty penny when sold to the advertising industry, who then use the data they just bought... to advertise more products to you. Phew.

 Decisions are up in the air and still in flux. Should this California Privacy Bill pass today, the online power will spread across all California. But no worries, there is another caveat to this bill.

“Because if lawmakers in the California Senate and House don’t pass this bill Thursday morning, and if California governor Jerry Brown doesn’t sign this bill into law Thursday afternoon, a stronger version of it will be on the state ballot in November...And laws passed via the ballot initiative process, rather than the legislative process, are almost impossible to change”.


Word Up:
We’re giddy like little schoolgirls and cheering for California to pass their new Privacy Bill. Whether it’s passed now or in the hands of future voters, it’s one small step for mankind and one giant digital leap for online privacy.


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