"What's Your Story?"

Palms shaking. A warm heat flushes across your face. Your mind goes blank.

Geez I practiced this a million times in the mirror, so why am I choking up now?” you think to yourself.

You manage to jumble out a spew of words to answer your brand’s mission and value statement.

Another scenario - a close friend agrees to read over your social entrepreneur website’s “About Us” section and give you some honest feedback.

Okay great he’ll be reading my carefully curated words, now the story is sure to get through...

“So, you’re startup is about...(insert a totally random, off-base interpretation of your brand’s “Why” here)” says your friend.

We’ve all been there and experienced a situation like those before – we plow ahead with our brand’s “Why” message. With our well-curated and branded personal mission statement, we blindly stride into the future step-by-step regardless of who understands us.

Why do people seem to miss the mark about your brand’s mission?

Here’s the secret sauce you may be missing – your story.

“Whether you're trying to position your brand in a crowded market, attempting to evangelize your vision or values to stakeholders, attempting to sell your products or services, or struggling to get your message across at staff meetings, you need to include storytelling in your repertoire. As Michael Margolis, CEO and founder of storytelling training company Get Storied, says, ‘Story is your ultimate currency. You are trading on your story. This is why people buy your message, or buy your product, or even hire you to do a job’”

We crave a good narrative because our brains are hardwired to respond to stories. As human beings we all share this connection to each other through our stories.

Swomi values people. And because we value people, we believe Your Words Have Worth. Just what exactly does Words Have Worth mean?

Your Words Have Worth = Your Personal Story Is Valuable

Everyone has a story. And each and every person’s story is valuable. Stories are how people connect to each other. So why are people more disconnected than ever in the digital age – a time where instant, constant communication was promised to close that gap? The gap from person to person, group to group, customer to brand seems to have collectively widened.

Swomi believes in translating the deep, meaningful connections we share with one another in real life into the digital space.

The internet is a fundamentally human space. What is the internet other than a collection of people’s stories, words, images, videos, and activities?

Your Words Have Worth = Your Content Has Value

Content is the name for people’s stories, words, images, videos, and activities. Every time you go online, you are creating Content. All the Content you create leaves behind your digital footprint. Every bit of your Content is pieced together to create your story of who you are. Your Content is your digital identity.

Unfortunately, advertising companies pay top dollar to track, use, and exploit your Content to learn how to better tempt you to make purchases with custom advertisements. All of this happens without our permission and we are led to believe the state of our digital identity is in safe hands.

Your Story is Your Ultimate Currency. Your words, images, clicks all have a real marketable value. We believe you rightfully deserve the value for your content, not some corporation.

Your Words Have Worth.

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Word Up:

Keep telling your story no matter what. SwomiBUZZ was created to share, feature, and celebrate people's stories. We love to be a listening audience. Share your story with us!

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