People have more power than ever and recent advantages in technology reflect it.

Technology is as technology does. Just kidding. According to the dictionary, technology is a deliberate set of “methods, systems, and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes.” (Or so that’s what we are told.)

Some technology trends affect our lives and make more of an impact than others. Below are the technological trends that are truly changing the fabric of the internet. And what is the internet other than a giant collection of User Generated Content? A.K.A Content created by real people.

Content has Value. And people deserve to benefit from the value of their Content.

We felt the trends we’re about to feature are the most important for 2018 because they bring people one step closer to being empowered with their Personal Content.


Artificial Intelligence over Mobile

“A major shift in business thinking has placed Artificial Intelligence at the very heart of business strategy.”

It’s already a matter of fact that we all have phones and we are all digital. Artificial Intelligence’s main value is Automation - supporting human workers, rather than replacing them. There are massive amounts of data. AI Automation technology is the solution for organizing and making sense of of all this information.


Personalization and Customization

“Personalisation has become a key customer requirement that companies need to offer in order to remain competitive.”

The prevalence of personalization and customization are indications of how the potential power of the user today leans in favor of people. People decide what content they want to consume and when. To keep people engaged in a vast ocean of Content, brands must personalize content to that specific person.

Personal Data Is An Economic Asset

“Personal data value platforms will help to inform individuals about the value of their data, driving a wave of new products and services aimed at helping consumers to take ownership of their personal information. The introduction of legislation like GDPR will also contribute to this goal as organisations will have to comply with strict data protection rules.”

People have a huge economic advantage they are not making the most of, simply because they do not know it exists. Public awareness is being raised but people have still yet to realize that data is money.


Word Up:

Automated Artificial Intelligence, personalization, and monetized data all laid on a mobile foundation… sure sounds a lot like the Content Lifestyle to us. The Content Lifestyle is a way life where people are empowered by their Content. Where the tools only accessible to large corporations are now accessible to all. A world where everyone benefits from the real, economic value of their content.

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