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The Pro's And...

1. Shallow Relationships. It’s easier to peg small texts, little emojis, and “likes” to keep in contact with friends. But is this really quality interaction with our nearest and dearest? No digital interaction has yet to become on par with face to face interaction. It’s looking like a lonely virtual world out there.

2. Digital Exploitation. Online privacy is an oxymoron. Tons of trackers invisibly cling to your device and harvest your online activity. Your datamined content is then sold to advertisers so they can create more convincing, personalized ads for you. Hackers run amok severely unsecured IoT devices. We believe digital empowerment begins once the everyday person’s content belongs to them and they receive the value. Not online corporations.

3. Time Wasting. The internet is an infinitely fun playground with any topic, game, or content you could want to interact with. Too much of a good thing can be bad. It’s an all too common scenario where the hours magically fly by once you are sucked into YouTube’s “Recommended For You” autoplay videos.

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