Online Privacy Trends...

With the world in a spiraling fury of online privacy battles, we believe the internet should empower people instead of being an arena where safe entrance requires full body armor.

Slowly yet steadily, data power dynamics shift from corporations to the hands of individuals. Online trends like these show we are on the right path. We simply want to bring the reality of benefits for your content sooner than later. Online content is the contextualized form of your data. And as we have already seen, personally curated data holds the highest value.

People have yet to wrap their heads around the value of data. We don’t blame them. Unlike oil, the natural resource data is so commonly compared to, data has no physical presence. This makes data more of an ephemeral concept where only specialists know the process of mining, refining, and knowing the true value of your content.

You have a right to understand your data and understand what’s happening to it. The whole reason for SwomiBUZZ’s existence is to educate people about their content.

To not know about your content and the ecosystem in which it exists is like leaving a footprint trail along the beach. Where your footprint indents the sand, raw diamonds line the edges of where your heel, your toes, your arches just touched.

Not far behind people follow you, collecting the raw diamonds in the pockets of your steps. They study the diamonds, polish them, and sell them silently behind your back.

And you happily go along never knowing they’re there. You just enjoy the sunset over water, oblivious to the riches you create then abandon.

This process happens continuously given the increasingly digitalized nature of our everyday lives.

The team at Swomi saw the unfair, unjust nature of it all. We thought to ourselves, “How can we provide a platform for the people that rewards them for their content? After all, they create content daily and it’s rightfully theirs.

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