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The 3 Stages...

The third stage of YOLO moves past acting irresponsibly into it’s other meaning – gratefully creating a meaningful life for yourself and others. Years later, disaffected Millennials let go of their existential angst to look at what life could mean beyond their party years. While the phrase is no longer popularly used, young people today look at how they can contribute to the world.

“What will I do with my life?”

“How can I explore all life has to offer?”

“If I only live once, how can I leave a positive legacy and change the world?”

This mindset aligns with Millennial’s focus on socially conscious companies. For example, Tom’s shoes “buy one, give one” shoe program. Here’s where people craft their own meaning for what YOLO means. Currently, Drake’s “The Motto” has 72 million views on Youtube. YOLO obviously still means something to someone.

We are at the point where people YOLO responsibly.


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