The Ultimate Guide...

I’ll take one order of attitude with a side of attitude... please.

I) Inventors

The true innovators, inventors like to tinker and create what’s never been created before. Their basic revolves around changing the game and setting the standard. An inventor’s attitude means you are always coming up with new ideas.


J) The Visionary/ Challenger

For the visionary, they don’t just think outside the box. In their mind, the box doesn’t even exist. Visionaries are famous for the uncompromising ideals, creativity, and intense devotion to their grand ideas. Their goal is to change the world and change people’s lives forever in the best way possible.


K) Buyers

Do you like everything about being an entrepreneur, except that whole risk thing? Being an entrepreneur requires risk. But by being a buyer, you can offset that risk a bit. Buyers purchase enterprises that are already up and running and generating revenue. Then they just keep that puppy going.


L) Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs are a triple threat. They focus on people, the planet, and profit. Businesses run by social entrepreneurs are almost identical to charities (the main difference being that charities do not make a profit). If you want to help people and be ambitiously successful, then being a social entrepreneur is for you.


M) The Strategist

You know everything down to a “T.” You have spreadsheets for days and even your spreadsheets have spreadsheets. The strategist’s main motivation is money and they have the tactical execution and analytical skills to make things happen. A famous strategist? Elon Musk.


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