The Ultimate Guide...

Businesses! Get ya’ different types of businesses here!

E) Manufacturing/ Artist Entrepreneur

The most “hands-on” of the bunch, Manufacturing Entrepreneurs are the craftsmen that transform raw materials into finished products for your enjoying pleasure. They deeply research the needs, wants, and desires of customers and deliver that into user-friendly product.


F) Trading Entrepreneurs

Our favorite middlemen. Trading Entrepreneurs take up the trading services. They procure goods directly from the manufacturer and sell to the customer directly or through a retailer. Think Amazon resellers, dropshipping, eBay auctioneers, Instagram vintage clothes sellers, and the like.


G) Growth Business

Growth businesses typically work across “software development, applications for smart phones and tablets, consulting, communication and marketing, development of medical equipment, business intelligence.” Growth businesses focus on being scalable. We like big growth businesses and cannot lie!


H) Project Business

Project-based businesses are usually run by well-educated entrepreneurs as they tend to create projects that stick close to their field of expertise. In this category you will find graphic designers, authors, psychologists, film makers, and just about anyone who works on a project-by-project basis.


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