9 Precious Tips...

7. Sponsor Your Content

When you start to gain a following, you can begin to sponsor your content. Sponsors will advertise with bloggers, influencers, and vloggers as a way to reach that content creator’s audience. Usually a sponsor will reach out to you. But if you want to take the initiative, you can openly state on your blog that you are open to working with sponsors.


8. Sell Your Content

Selling your content involves creating high-value content that people want to buy. You can start by testing your ideas first or create short versions of your product idea (prototypes). Some examples would be eBooks, monthly coaching, access to a membership forum.


9. Improve Your Content With Data

The creation of most content today is based off of data. What does that mean in plain english? If the data shows a lot of people like, share, and engage with a certain piece of content, then more of that type of content will be created! Many webhosting or blog platforms offers data analytics into your visitor’s behavior.




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