Everyone Is A...

We’ve seen what online reviews are and their benefits. Now, here are some quick tips and tricks on practically managing your reviews.

How To Deal With A Negative Review

Respond promptly – disgruntled customers are not ones to wait

Be polite – your customer is already in a sensitive mood

See the good in a bad review – customers don’t trust sites with only positive reviews, a few negative reviews give your site a more authentic feel


Focus On Your Best Performing Channel

You no longer need to have a social profile on every. Single. Social. Platform. Instead, spend your time and energy on the social platforms your audience spends the most time on.


Create A Variety Of Content

Your audience deserves the best content. Mix it up and try different mediums, messages, and forms. Rather than create content for the sake of it, really reflect if that piece of content gives value as a light laugh, deep insight, or helpful advice. Can’t attract reviews if no one engages with your content!

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