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Social Intelligence trends center around people. Technology caters to humans, not the other way around. Expect to see social progress, people empowerment, and a focus on humanization.


7. Ethical Internet

Big Tech... Silicon Valley… whatever nickname you use for behemoth tech companies, they are now being held accountable for their loose-cannon mishandling of personal information.

Everyone from think-tanks, prominent critics, everyday people, and even tech leaders demand tech be accountable to a code of ethics.

This code of ethics will be similar to a doctor’s Hippocratic oath of “Do no harm.” This is less of a trend and more like social progress.

Actions in favor of privacy are in motion today. Salesforce is looking into hiring a chief ethical and humane use officer. Surprisingly, Apple is a major mainstream force. In October 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook called for stricter privacy regulations and a U.S. digital bill of rights.


8. Humanizing Tech

One of the terrors behind technology is the fear of being replaced by advanced machine intelligence. The market has responded in kind by designing products that seamlessly integrate into our homes, bodies, and everyday life. No technological takeovers here.

This humanizing trend replaces stereotypical cold, serious machines with imperfect, tactile, and rounded designs.

The result? Friendly, fun devices eager to be your friend.

For example, Google’s Pixel Buds and Home mini speaker are comforting, textile woven, round shapes. And in September 2018, Uber rebranded their logo which embraced a rounded sans serif font.

We like this human-focused approach as it keeps focus on what’s important – people, not machines.


9. Privatization Of Data

Very much related to the Humanizing Tech trend, companies are putting users in the driving seat. Given the major data breaches of 2018, consumers are demanding protection and ownership of their personal data.

As just an example of what’s possible, Dermot Horgan conceptualized a future city he called Data Municipality. In this city, individuals rather than companies control their data. That includes how their data is used and who has access to it.

Our mission here at Swomi is also to empower everyday people with their online content. People create the data Big Tech has built the foundations of their fortune on. Rather than have the value of your content go to companies, why can’t the value go back to you? When people benefit from the value of their online content, they are living the Content lifestyle.


10. Consumer Experience

Every move a business makes is based on the user. What excites them? How can we help solve the problems that keep them up at night? When are they online?

If you don’t have the sustained attention of your audience, you don’t have much.

That means tools that can gauge customer engagement and provide analytics will be trending in the coming year.

The formula for success combines customer behavior, journey analytics, customer engagement, and interaction to enhance a business’ marketing plan.

Now, marketers no longer need to wonder what half of their campaign worked. They will know exactly what consumers are doing and when. The content a brand creates will be entirely based on these analytics. The competitive drive for engaging content results in a way cooler experience for the consumer.


11. Bonus Trend: Fast Foward To 2050

Just when you thought we were done. Here’s a trend prediction all the way to 2050. AI experts give their predictions in an exhibit in Dubai held in February 2018.

Marko Krajnovic, producer of the exhibit, explains one future prediction – By 2050 humans will communicate without words.

A collective AI consciousness interwoven with the fabric of the human brain allows anyone’s thoughts to be revealed. Hello telepathic communication, goodbye speech.

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