Can Robots Write...

We know how robot reporting works. But how do human reporters create newsworthy content? Without these eight values, automation-generated news won’t connect to its intended audience – people.

1. Timing – Put the NEW in news. People read the news to find out what’s new in the world.

2. Impact – Why should your audience care? How will it impact their lives?

3. Prominence – Why are you telling your audience this? More prominent people will make the news. You breaking your arm won’t make global headlines, but the Queen of England breaking her arm will.

4. Proximity – Proximity doesn’t only mean geographical distance. It makes more sense for people to hear news from a culturally similar place. For example, Australians may be more interested in hearing about what is going on in America than in Asia.

5. Trending – Is your content current currently popular?

6. Human Interest – People are interested by other people. Does your content appeal to the audience on an emotional level?

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