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The Robfather @thatUPSdude

Her: You didn’t come to my Halloween party!

Me: Yes I did

Her: No, what were you?

Me: A ninja

Her: I didn’t see you

Me: Like I said “ninja”

Need an excuse for “not” being a friend’s party? This guy has figured it out for you. Little did this Tweeter know, they’re also channeling the original Halloween partyers… the Celts 2,000 years ago!

Except Celts called Halloween by its original name (because, you know...they were the first ones to make it up), Samhain.

On Samhain, the Celts believed the boundary between the living and dead realms blurred, causing ghosts of the dead to return to Earth.

Maybe no one saw @thatUPSdude because he was slip and sliding between the Celtic’s living and dead realms.

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