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IoT? More Like...

Home is where the building automation system is. Smart homes are most likely what first comes to mind when people hear IoT. {ijseo_redirect id=347}. That many people are looking to dive right into the Digital Lifestyle. Smart Home refers to the network of connected devices of a family home. Smart functions include controls for: lighting, entertainment, climate, appliances, and security.

And when all these connected devices are connected to the Internet… you guessed it, the entire home becomes part of the IoT. That’s when you can do things such as remotely adjust your home from your smartphone. With smart homes, forgetting to turn off the lights may be a thing of the past.

Your house could even be made from {ijseo_redirect id=346} – sensor filled cement that can transmit and respond to mechanical, acoustic, and magnetic signals. A cool thought. But for now, smart cement is being experimented with for industrial applications like, oil drilling.

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