The Beginner’s Guide...

Knowing what you want is vital because without that, you would have no idea how to set a goal. Or you would be setting an unrealistic goal not aligned with your true self.

The most important part of goals? Having one. Very few people live a life a purpose-driven life. When your mindset is trained to achieve something greater than yourself, you suddenly have the energy to do whatever it takes.

It also helps to be practical. Make your goal SMART:

S pecific

M easureable

A chievable

R elevant

T ime Bound


At this point, you’re rolling up your sleeves, doing the work, and making the sacrifices achieving your goal requires.

Do this daily: Start with Micro-Goals, bite-sized actions that remove the “afraid to start” barrier. Is your goal to do 100 push-ups today? Make your Micro-Goal to do ten push-ups ten times throughout the day. A lot less daunting and way more motivating!

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