9 Precious Tips...

1. Repurpose Content

Do you have a blog post or other piece of content that did amazingly well with your audience? Leverage it! Take that blog post and turn it into seven different videos. Take those seven videos and cut them up into 15 second shorts for social media. Don’t be shy about getting multiple uses from your best performing content.


2. Create Content

The most simple thing you can do with your content is create it! What does that look like? A blog post, video, How-To’s, eBooks, interviews, memes, infographs, and more. Really the types of content you can create are unlimited.


3. Distribute Your Content

Distributing, or syndicating (if you want to be fancy), on platforms other than your blog will drive more traffic to your content. Catch your audience on platforms they already frequent (like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). If they like what they see, they will naturally be compelled to check out your website.

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