Sit back and watch your Instagram feed fill up with colors galore.


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Every international traveler worth their camera lens knows that Peru is the place to be: it's got food that is delicious, welcoming individuals, all while having the dreamiest all-natural landscapes.

And, as if that wasn't enough, Peru is also home to Vinicunca, AKA "Rainbow Mountain," AKA that  destination appearing in most of your traveler friends' Instagrams at the moment.And, as expected, Instagrammers are going peanuts nuts for it.

Basically, these rainbows of color come from  the sheets of sedimentary minerals which  have been exposed by erosion as time passes.

Some facts: Vinicunca, which normally referred to as "The Mountain of Seven Colors," is situated  in the Andes mountain range, within  the Cusco region of Peru. It is also usually spelled as "Vinicuna."

Even though a large amount of travel organizations will get you close to the  mountain, you still keep to the walk paths by the mountain's base.

And if you aren't already calling your boss for your vacation, perhaps you're wondering just how a hill can become this breathtaking?


How To Get There



Based on locals, the mountain is only now growing to be such a tourist hotspot because the usual snow cover in that section of the mountain has thawed and revealed it's amazing, hidden colors. Andes has started to thaw, as a result of climate change.

Just year that is last National Geographic named the Rainbow hill on their range  of the "Top 5 Places To check out in Peru"...

Also, just understand  that the walk is no joke: You're going to walk a LOT.

And finally, if you're truly remotely thinking of planning  to visit Rainbow Mountain, don’t forget to be a responsible tourist!

Handle the mountain with love, find a reputable travel agency that are certain to get you proper access towards the zone, keep  the area clean, and stick to  the tracks.

To have top pictures, it's recommended to hike up the mountain on a summer time day, considering that's once the colors seem most vibrant.


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