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9 Precious Tips...

4. Promote Your Content

In addition to distributing your content, promoting your content can also take several forms you may not have expected. This includes online networking with customers, other businesses, and other bloggers in your industry. You can also send email broadcasts to your email subscribers whenever you post new content.


5. Personalize Your Content

What’s better than cool content? Cool content that is specifically tailored to each unique visitor. Personalization is taking over the content marketing game and for good reason. One company, Monetate, found personalized experiences based on international visitor’s geo-location improved conversion rates by as much as 100 percent.


6. Use Content That Isn’t Yours (In A Legit Way)

It happens to all of us, we stumble upon a piece of content that’s so good, it hurts. Before you go sharing that, reach out to the creator and obtain written permission and always engage in fair use. If you can’t do that, simply draw inspiration from their content to create your own version.



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