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Looking For Influencers?...

If you so happen to be of the brand-marketer-variety, then you’re looking for great Influencers, Content Creators, Bloggers, and Vloggers that have a mighty, loyal following. Who knows? You may find yourself working with a Micro-Influencer!


Large companies like Coca-Cola, BMW, and Sony use Influential – a robust service that matches brands to audiences through use of transparent data and machine learning.

The Influencer Network Communications Pro Ltd.

A Marketing and Media Network that connects brands to audiences through online social influencers. A unique company on this list, The Influencer Network also promises an offline audience reach as well as utilizing celebrities and mainstream media.


InNetworks looks to make influencer marketing campaigns fun and easy (who doesn’t like that). They also offer analytic reports so you can measure how well your campaigns are working.


Micro-Influencers take a special place on center stage on this platform. Your campaigns can use from 5 to 5,000 Influencers from all over the world and across different segments like fashion, automotive, lifestyle, and B2B.

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