2018 Triple Threat...

Right now, people are all tied up in a knot because they don’t know how a personalized online experience will play nice with a person’s online privacy. How are these two related and how do they overlap?

Personalization requires collecting a person’s content to provide personalization. You need to know what type of content a person consumes to be able to personalize what to show them next.

On the other spectrum, online privacy protects the user’s online content by restricting company access to personal information. And as we can see from the entire European Union and California passing historical data privacy laws, online privacy is an increasingly important part of life.

How does Swomi solve this conundrum? By giving users a platform where their content belongs to them. When the individual is in charge of their content, they have the CHOICE of how they want their content used. Do you want to give out all of your content for an easy, personalized experience? Or perhaps your online privacy is more important and you choose to keep your information to yourself. The keyword here is CHOICE.

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