What Does Open...

There is a fairly big divide between the two camps.

On one hand, open source makes resources free and available for everyone to use.

On the other hand, those in the Gated Content camp argue Open Content makes it hard for eBusinesses to survive.

Here are a few tidbits on what others have to say about the divide:

In Favor Of Open Source

“There is so much competition online now that you would have to be exceptional to have content that's worth paying for. With so many sites on every topic, most people will just bounce to a site that offers the same thing you do for free. Might as well keep it open and try to monetize in other ways.”

- Zyni

"If you are just starting out and you want to penetrate the market, then open content is the way to go. I've been developing and maintaining websites for almost 5 years already and my most successful sites are open content sites. There are different ways to monetize open content sites from adsense to affiliate marketing."

- limberg

In Favor Of Gated Content

“I think it ultimately depends on the type of information being presented. It's easy to say "everything should be free!". But when there are no means of profiting from information, how are you supposed to fund resource intensive, and very important bodies of work like investigative journalism? We all wish marshmallows fell from the sky, but here in the real world, important stuff costs money.”

- JaiGuru

“And now to pay bills we have to charge for content. And it's possible that by going with gated content it can make things a bit easier. You can see that many companies are choosing this route. So it should be taken seriously for sure.”

- overcast

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